Make your 2015 Supporter Gift Today
Gifts made directly to Hawaiian Humane Society help local animals and people. We are not a chapter as there is no national humane society.

Take our Planned Pethood Quiz
Learn about how you can get your next pet responsibly and make an educated decision about adding a new member to your family. You'll also be entered to win over $100 in prizes.

$5 Feral Fix Offer
Free feral sterilizations only from December through January. All must pay $5 for the microchip, which includes registration in the Humane Society database. All cats’ ears will be tipped as visual ID to let people know that they are fixed. Borrow a trap from us and help reduce cat overpopulation humanely.
Students Can Win Big
Oahu middle and high school students can win cash, prizes, scholarships and trophies when they help animals in their neighborhood. Read how your next service project can make you a top animal hero.
Foster Care Orientation - Jan. 29
Nearly 150 animals are in foster care at any given time. Sign up here for an orientation class.
Paws on the Path- Jan. 31
Hawaiian Humane Society's hiking club, Paws on the Path, meets the last Saturday of every month to explore Hawaii with pets and friends. Join us on January 31 at 8:30 am as we hike Maunawili Golf Trail.
 Pet Loss Support Group - Feb. 3
Find comfort and compassion in the Humane Society's Pet Loss Support Group, facilitated by counselor Rosemarie Grigg.

Heroes of the Heart